Fernando Gomez is a beauty and fashion photographer based in Barcelona. His love of photography began more than a decade ago in Seville, when shortly after graduating from law school, charmed by the beauty of his wife, he began his first photographic project portraying her every day for a year, regardless of the circumstances. This project provided the spark that ignited his passion for photography. Since then he has been driven by discovering the beauty in every little detail and making it visible. He transforms every single subject in front of his lens into an ode to beauty. This approach has led him to collaborate with a number of international high-end and luxury brands who have entrusted the representation of their products to his artistic vision.

Way of working

Fernando's work is colorful and bold, focusing on textures, surfaces and the hidden beauty. The spectrum of his photographic works with the expressive colors reminiscent of Pedro AlmodĂłvar impresses with aesthetic power and emotional intensity. The common denominator in this diversity is his curious, innovative view of the world full of hidden beauties.


Dolce & Gabbana, Piaget, Shiseido, Guerlain, Zara, Loewe, Dior, Messika, Chanel, Carolina Herrera, L’Oreal Paris, CondĂ© Nast, Herbal Essences, Maybelline NY, Sony Music, C&A Mexico, Astor Cosmetics, Women’Secret, Desigual, OBOS, ES Collection, MERCK, Cristian Lay, Fabienne Delvigne, Koetania, Condenast (France, Mexico, Russia), Universal Music., BIBA etc.


Vogue, Vogue Ukraine, Portugal, CZ, Japan, China, Arabia, Netherlands, Hong Kong etc.